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The Merging of MiCaddy and Fulong Golf Australia

After working with the manufacturer of these golf products for almost 10 years, Rex Bentley is able to provide products that have been modified and tested in Australia over that time under the brand-name 'MiCaddy' ( www.micaddy.com.au ) to suit Australian conditions. Now the array of golf carts available is being extended further to include the popular Fulong range of golf carts.

To ensure affordable prices are available, while still being able to provide full backup, warranty and after sales service, the models shown on this site are limited to the most popular units. However if you have a specific requirement that is not currently listed, we would welcome your contact to discuss your particular requirements to see if they can be sourced by Fulong Golf Australia.

If after viewing the available products you have questions or wish to discuss any matter regarding electric golf buggies or ride-on golf carts, please visit our contacts page to discuss your queries, either by email or via the telephone contact numbers.

'MiCaddy' Executive 24v Remote Electric Golf Buggy

MiCaddy Executive 24v Remote Electric Golf Buggy

ONLY $795

At a price much less than some of some of the 'Elite' brand golf buggies, the 'MiCaddy' brand Executive 24volt remote controlled electric golf buggy is comparable in many ways, with features that are not found in similar priced products.
The Executive 24v has been modified with Australian designs that are registered by 'MiCaddy' and not available on any other remote controlled golf buggies sold in Australia, such as a swivel front wheel (registered design) that can be fixed for travel on sloping courses, and an Eski (cooler) holder to store refreshments in.

For more detail on the 'MiCaddy' Executive 24v Remote Electric golf buggies, go to the Executive 24v Remote page.

 NOTE: Please contact rex@micaddy.com.au  to check availablity of stock before proceeding to payment.

Click Here to view the Executive 24v details.

'MiCaddy' Golf Mate Single Seat Ride on Golf Cart

ONLY $2,950

For orders placed during the month of August the canopy ($200) will be included at no extra cost. 

The 'MiCaddy' brand Single Seat Golf-Mate ride on golf cart is the answer to many golfers dreams.. 
At quite a bit less than half the cost of the Traditional two seat electric golf cart, you can concentrate on your game without worrying about driving your ride on partner to his ball between shots.  You have the freedom of the fairway..  Without those aching muscles at the end of the day.

The 'MiCaddy' Golf Mate golf cart is unique to MiCaddy and is the only cart of this type to be fitted with the canopy as shown. 

For more details on the Full Featured MiCaddy Single Seat Electric Golf-Mate Cart, go the the Ride-on Carts page

Click Here to view the Golf Mate Details


Fulong-MiCaddy Single and Double seat Golf Carts

FROM ONLY $4,470 

Save $480 on on orders placed before 31/08/2014

Some conditions do apply

Contact Rex for details: ​rex@micaddy.com.au  Ph 0418 833329

The Fulong range of golf carts have been extensively trialled under Australian  conditions by MiCaddy. They have proven to perform similar to the conventional 2 seat carts commonly used on courses.

MiCaddy has made some minor upgrades to suit our conditions and they are now ready for pre-orders as the first of the available TS and SS carts will be arriving in Australia soon.

These electric golf carts come in both single seat (SS) and two seat (TS) versions and are priced substantionaly less than traditional 2 seat carts found in most golf clubs.

​Both the SS and the Golf Mate carts can include an all purpose carry tray and tow bar for towing a trailer for use by landowners on smaller holdings. Sold under the Farm Mate brand the fact that they are quiet and electric driven makes them a serious consideration for use around horses and other livestock. They are unique in that they can also be used as golf carts which is a bonus for a landowner who plays golf.

For more information about this range of golf carts, please contact Fulong Golf Australia via our contact form, or click here to email Rex Bentley of Fulong Golf Australia and MiCaddy for further information. Alternatively you may use the telephone contact numbers located on our contact page.

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